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  • What do you remove from the site?
    We can remove the following materials from the job site: Wooden crates Plastic wrap Cardboard Metal Straps Unused racking material Solar Panels Nuts/Bolts/Screws
  • Will you provide dumpsters?
    We can or we can use the ones already on the job site
  • What do you do with the solar panels?
    We make all attempts to recycle all the parts of the panel.
  • How long does it take to clean up all the debris from a solar site?
    It depends on the size of the site, how much material is on the site and how quickly you need it cleaned up. The site will be assessed and it will be determined what size of a crew is needed.
  • What type of equipment do you use to remove the trash?
    We typically use a skidsteer to remove the pallets. We can use a tractor with a trailer to go down the aisles to pick up cardboard, leftover racking, or other debris.
  • What type of panels do you recycle?
    We take all solar panels.
  • How do you recycle solar panels?
    We partner with EPA-approved vendors that recycle solar panels.
  • What is the process for recycling solar panels?
    Solar panels can be recycled in a couple of different ways: 1. Solar panels can be shredded, the metal will be melted down and reused, and the glass gets disposed of properly – typically the least expensive way in today’s market. Cost $10 to $15 per panel. OR 2. Solar panels can be sent to facilities that employ equipment that will pull out the materials using high-heat extractions and reuse the components for other purposes. Cost $25 to $50 per panel.
  • Will you pick up the solar panels?
    Yes, we will come to your job site or warehouse and palletize the panels and load them onto the truck.
  • Do you have a crew to remove the solar panels?
    Yes, we have crews that can come to the site, palletize the panels, load them onto the truck
  • If we have our own crew to stack the panels, will you arrange for the trucks to remove them?
    Yes, we will have trucks come to your location and haul them to the recycling center.
  • How many panels can fit on a truck?
    We recommend for a 53’ flatbed to have 12 stacks of 36 panels. We recommend for a 48’ flatbed to have 10 stacks of 36 panels.
  • Is freight/hauling the panels extra?
    Yes, hauling fees are line items. Fees are determined from the pick up to drop off location.
  • Are wooden crates needed to haul solar panels away?
    Yes, we require “good condition” wooden crates to load panels. If not available, dunnage can be used and may be an extra cost.
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