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About Us

Keeping Your Environment Clean

Green Clean Solar, LLC is a firm based in Marietta, Georgia, specializing in the removal and disposal of waste materials and recyclable materials that accumulate from the beginning to the completion of the project. We are leaders in this sector and always keep the environment and safety as our #1 concern. We provide ongoing training and education to our staff to maintain and increase their skill sets and productivity. Green Clean Solar, LLC partners with companies that can support our mission of keeping the environment clean and sustainable. 


Our management team has a decade of experience working in the Solar Industry, specifically building sites, and will provide excellent, informed customer service and immediate solutions to your solar waste problem areas. We know the value of time and the importance of a clean site. Green Clean Solar, LLC is efficient and offers competitive prices on our services.

Our Founder

A Woman-Owned Business

Emilie Oxel O'Leary Bio.png

Emilie Oxel O’Leary is the CEO/Owner of Green Clean Solar based in Marietta, Georgia. She has a strong passion and expertise in the solar industry focusing on waste management and landfill diversion services while building a diverse workforce. Her previous company (which she started and sold!) installed solar on many well-known companies across the nation such as Amazon, L’Oreal, Target, Perry Ellis, Blue Cross Blue Shield. She continues to develop and foster relationships with EPC/Owners and solar manufacturers throughout the United States while making Green Clean Solar a leader in the industry.

“I started this business because I saw a huge problem in our industry regarding all the TRASH that accumulates while building a solar project. Everything was being placed into dumpsters then sent directly to landfills. I want to solve this waste problem. Green Clean Solar will clean up solar site trash by providing Waste Management and landfill diversion services while building a strong and diverse workforce. Our goal is to recycle 95% to 100% of the waste materials by partnering with local recyclers.”

- Emilie Oxel O’Leary

Our Mission

Green Clean Solar LLC’s mission is to provide solutions for all the trash accumulated during the construction phase of building commercial solar sites throughout the United States. Green Clean Solar LLC will promote and support landfill diversion with local partners on the latest recycling technology while empowering a large, diverse workforce.

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Solar Fields - 20MW to 100+MW sites


Solar Carports


Solar Roof tops

Recycling of Utility Scale Battery Storage Systems_ Maximizing Efficiency and Sustainabili

Battery Storage

Serving Nationwide Regions in all 50 States

Our Story

There is a huge problem when it comes to accumulated trash on solar sites, and the current solution is putting everything in a dumpster. Our story started with this problem. At Green Clean Solar, we want to avoid this and provide solutions on a local level to revolutionize the solar industry by providing a stellar workforce that cares about this issue and providing amazing solutions to this problem. Let's recycle, refurbish and reuse material from each and every solar site. 

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