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Green Clean Solar specializes in recycling solar panels and lifecycle management of all leftover materials found on Solar Sites.  From solar installation to decommissioning, our teams work across the country to support waste diversion and cleanup efforts for solar projects of great scale.

Solar Panel Recycling Near Me _ Green Clean Solar.jpeg

Montague, Michigan

1,630 solar panels

45 tons

Owosso, Michigan

493 solar panels

14 tons

Solar Panel Recycling Company _ Green Clean Solar .jpeg
Solar Panel recycling Company _ Green Clean Solar.jpeg

South Carolina

175 solar panels

5 tons

blue ridge solar _ Solar Panel Recycling _ Green Clean Solar.jpeg

North Carolina

720 solar panels

23 tons

North Carolina

2,507 solar panels

80.5 tons

Solar Panel Reuse_ Cornell University Panel Study with Dr. Steve Grodsky 3.jpg
Blue Ridge Solar Panel Recycling 1_ Solar Panel Recycling _ Green Clean Solar.jpeg

South Carolina

1,980 solar panels

63 tons

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