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Do Commercial & Utility-Scale Solar Projects Need Tailored Trash Pickup Solutions?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The greater the Megawatts (MW), the greater the mega waste to deal with at the end of a project. Tons of crates, plastic trash, and cardboard are left to clean up at the end of an installation, and they distract from a beautiful new clean energy site that deserves the spotlight. The team at Green Clean Solar has extensive knowledge of the commercial and utility-scale solar project process. As such, the Green Clean Solar team has seen first-hand the trash that can accumulate on a job site throughout the construction phase of a solar installation project.

The Challenge: Trash on Solar Installation Sites is a Hassle

Trash on Solar Installation Sites is a Hassle

When waste piles up on a job site, often we scurry to call a dump truck, pull workers from installment work to do cleanup work, use our own machines to cleanup aisle after aisle and load everything into (often times)hundreds of roll-off bins. We then have to call and arrange pickups. It’s a pain, but it’s just the way we’ve done things, up until now.

  • Waste Management is not a priority for project managers, and it shouldn’t have to be

  • Waste Management companies don’t specialize in solar site cleanups, leaving solar teams to pick up the slack

  • Handling solar site trash is time-consuming - eating up hours from the project

  • It’s a hassle to call for bins and arrange loading and hauling

  • Workers are taken from important installation tasks to deal with waste

  • Recycling can sometimes be more expensive

  • Solar project managers often don’t have to (or need to) have a waste hauling and recycling network necessary for driving down waste costs

  • Regular waste management companies don’t have special equipment that is required for carefully picking up trash along newly installed solar aisles

These solar site waste management hassles are a thing of the past; as featured in Solar Power World, the team at Green Clean Solar is a turnkey solution for trash pick-up and recycling services throughout most of the U.S. Through experience, we believe, the handling of solar waste on commercial and utility-scale projects should be easily outsourced, keeping your team focused on commissioning.

The Opportunity: Turnkey Experts for Solar Site Trash Cleanups

Turnkey Experts for Solar Site Trash Cleanups

So, do commercial and utility-scale solar projects need tailored trash pickup solutions? Yes, and while not every solar site has the exact cleanup needs, what if there was a better way to tackle utility-scale site trash altogether? What if we didn’t have to deal with our waste at all but instead had a specialized team of solar waste management experts that followed up behind us, using their own cleanup crew, equipment, and local waste haulers to handle everything - leaving our site pristine and ready for commissioning?

As utility-scale solar projects soar, waste solutions must also meet these same demands.

As utility-scale solar projects soar, waste solutions must also meet these same demands.

The cherry on top is that when all of our trash is hauled, it is prioritized by recyclability. Everything that could get recycled was recycled, thus reducing our waste bills and improving our impact on the environment - something also documented in our ESG reports.

The benefits of using an expert solar site waste removal company:

  • Keep your team on solar installation (not trash pickup)

  • Don’t use your equipment; we have our own skid-steer or tractor with a trailer for safely picking up solar waste, cardboard, leftover racking, or other debris

  • We work with local businesses to recycle what we can

  • Full scope, turnkey cleanup waste management tailored to solar sites

  • Save time and money with expert help

  • We can provide the dumpsters or use the ones already on the job site

  • We make all attempts to recycle all parts of solar panels

Materials we remove from the job site:

  • Wooden crates

  • Plastic wrap

  • Cardboard

  • Metal Straps

  • Unused racking material

  • Solar Panels

  • Nuts/Bolts/Screws

As an industry, we need to quickly shift to circular packaging schemes where pallets and other packaging materials are reduced or go back to manufacturers and suppliers for reuse. This has been routinely done for a long time in many industries, especially in the EU, and it's challenging but not impossible, and ultimately, it will lower cost when systemized.

If you have tons of trash on your site, give us a call 770-229-7168. We’re ready to assess the job and hit the ground running to get you ready for commissioning.


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