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RE+ Anaheim Round-Up from the Green Clean Solar Team

RE+ Show Anaheim 2022

RE+ was an incredible show that has officially marked a giant growth milestone in the solar industry, and we couldn’t be more excited. The Green Clean Solar team was at the show, meeting up with familiar faces and making new friends. The energy was electrifying, and the crowd as a whole was incredible. Here are some quick moments we captured and the people we ran into along our way.

RE+ Show Images

Sustainability Initiatives at the Anaheim Convention Center

From low flush toilets and fixtures to energy efficiency lighting, the Anaheim Convention Center sign doesn’t entirely cover all of the sustainability initiatives, like refill stations to reduce waste and reusable aluminum bottled water sold throughout the show. We only had to invest in one bottled water and were able to refill it throughout the rest of the show. The facilities also use recycled material paper products and 74% green-certified cleaning products.

Anaheim Sustainability Initiatives | RE+ Show | Green Clean Solar

Blue Ridge Power

Our CEO Emilie Oxel O’Leary met with Claudia Emerson, Director of Sustainability at Blue Ridge Power. Blue Ridge Power is leading in responsible solar waste management.

RE+ Show | Blue Ridge Power | Green Clean Solar | Emilie O'Leary

Green Clean Solar Marketing Team Meet Up

Our marketing team is big on content and solar waste management education. Meet Christina Anderson and Denise Rivas of A.R. Marketing House, who run marketing efforts at Green Clean Solar. We met with Claudia and Blue Ridge Power to talk about helpful metrics and the efforts that really make a difference on job sites.

Green Clean Solar Marketing Team | AR Marketing House

FTC Solar

Our CEO, Emilie O’Leary, met with Director of Sales Brian Coker of FTC Solar. FTC Solar is a leader in tracking equipment, delivering over 3.5 GW of trackers across more than 100 utility-scale projects. At the show, FTC showcased the Pioneer, a new one module in portrait (1P) Solar Tracker Solution, featuring a hexagonal torque tube that requires just 11 piles per row.

FTC Solar Pioner one module in portrait at RE+ Show | Green Clean Solar

Tweetup Even at Power up Media Zone by Suncast Media

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat at the RE+ Tweetup Event hosted by "Solar Fred" Valenza. We got to see folks in person that we’ve been cultivating relationships with on LinkedIn and Twitter. It was a great event, as everything at RE+ went by in a flash.

Tweetup Even at Power up Media Zone by Suncast Media

Research Center and Educational Infographics

Near the Tweetup event was an educational hall featuring solar and storage studies. We love infographics and spotted this fantastic educational piece about energy storage supporting 100% Renewable Energy.

RE+ Show Research Center and Educational Infographics

The Smart Flower

You couldn’t attend the show without passing the beautiful Smart Flower, a residential and commercial option for fast implementation of solar power. We’re excited to see where the Smart Flower is headed and where it will catch on.

The Smart Flower at RE+ Anaheim | Green Clean Solar

RE+ went by in a flash, and there were many great workshops, people, and booths to cover. We want to thank everyone for being so wonderful. This was quite the experience and the largest solar show in the U.S. so far. What a great turnout! If you didn't get a chance to meet up with Green Clean Solar at RE+, leave us a message below, and let's chat. Otherwise, we'll see you next year!

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