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Solar Panel Reuse: Cornell University Panel Study with Dr. Steve Grodsky - Part 1

Think your solar panels have reached the end of the line? Think again. At Green Clean Solar, we take every opportunity to have panels reused and refurbished before ever being recycled. We are turning what's often seen as the end into just another beginning. We are refurbishing used solar panels but also granting them an unexpected second life. These panels have a higher calling as they pivot from solar farms powerhouses to aquatic-life researchers.

We recently had the honor of sending some end-of-life panels to a research project at Cornell University. Our donated panels once thought to be past their prime, were paired with Ciel et Terre flotation equipment and found a new purpose. They are now part of a unique study led by Dr. Steven Grodsky, probing into the impact of floating solar panels on the vibrant aquatic life in ponds. This novel intersection of renewable energy and natural resource management marks the beginning of addressing the myriad of questions about floating solar technology and its ecological implications. Follow the research as we learn from Dr. Steven Grodsky.

Got old panels to recycle or repurposed? Who knows, your old panels might be destined for a higher calling.

Get in touch with us at 770-229-7168 or visit At Green Clean Solar, every solar panel deserves as many lives as possible before being recycled.


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