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Got Tons of Trash on Your Solar Site?

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We offer full-scope waste management services and landfill diversion options for your solar site


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Green Clean Solar offers full-scope solutions for landfill-bound waste on solar sites. We assist in achieving landfill-free status, promote responsible packaging practices, and ensure a clean and beautiful site. Contact us for a one-stop solution.


Green Clean Solar is the #1 solar waste management company delivering scalable recycling efforts nationwide to solar sites. We are the premier partner/vendor in the business on a mission to bring circular economy practices to large solar projects and portfolios.

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We offer various services, including recycling for solar panels, battery storage, cardboard, wood crates, steel, aluminum, and decommissioning. We will assess your site(s) and deploy the crews and equipment necessary. We will work with your Construction Supervisor or Onsite Construction Manager to ensure the site is clean and ready for commissioning or decommissioning.


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